Mission Statement

To be a Cooperative dedicated to the agro-industry and marketing of Dracaena Fragrans Massangeana Cane and other ornamental plants and high quality products in harmony with the environment; to contribute to the socio-economic development of our associates, their families and our employees; and to satisfy our valued customers.



Vision Statement


Be the leading national company in the agro-industry and marketing of Dracaena Fragrans Massangeana Cane and other ornamental plants. Maintain high quality products that satisfy our customers.


Historical Background


On January 24, 1982, Coopeindia, R.L. was founded by 170 farmers in Palmares, Costa Rica. Its purpose was to help the producers of Dracaena Fragrans Massangeana Cane, cultivated in the area of Palmares and neighboring towns. Its economic limitations in the beginning led to star operations in a borrowed place. Two years later, another Cooperative in the area, facilitated a land where the process plant was built. Within a short time, operations expanded and exports began to Florida in the United States and Japan. Currently, Coopeinidia, R.L. is exporting its outstanding quality plants to Spain, Australia, Chile, México, Chine, Holland, among other countries. In 1986, Coopeindia, R.L. acquired a property in an effort to innovate, diversify and investigate the feasibility of producing other ornamental plants. A second property was acquired in 1990. Headquarters are located on these two properties which became one, and is known nowadays, as “the farm”.


Currently, Coopeindia, R.L., has expanded its activities. It began the importation of some products related to the process of ornamental plants, for national distribution.


It also has its own nursery for local sales and landscaping services; a room for social activities, which is rented to people who come to enjoy a different place within a natural environment, and have their special celebrations. There are some other projects for the near future, planned to take advantage of the natural attractions of the property itself. Coopeindia R.L. strives to maintain its quality standards in the plants market. Experience and service are a good record for the Company, proven throughout the years.